Welcome to Beyond Bias

We offer a unique, innovative, science-based anti-racism education curriculum developed by social scientists with deep expertise in research on the issues of racial profiling and discrimination, and in the clinical application of tested-and-proven cognitive behavioral methods for changing beliefs and behaviors. 

With its roots in the neuroscience of stereotype formation, memory, and social influence, our approach to anti-racism training circumvents the issue of stigma that renders many other bias education endeavors muddled and ineffective.

Under our skin, we are all the same, and our brains all work the same way. In fact, it’s fair to say we are wired to process our experiences in ways that that lead us to believe and behave in accordance with stereotypes, including race-based stereotypes. But this basic fact about our shared neurobiology does not mean that stereotypes cannot be recognized and overcome. That’s far from true.

Starting with a basic scientific understanding of how biases are formed and reinforced, we guide learners in the process of challenging stereotype-driven beliefs with new information, and through a series of exercises that will lead to increased self-awareness and flexibility in thinking. 

With a clear understanding of why and how we think as we do, and equipped with new information and tools for systematic self-reflection, we can choose to think differently. 

When we think differently, we can act differently. 
We can go Beyond Bias.

You may want to learn more about the problem of systemic racism in our society and acquire insights for your personal growth, or tools for participating in social justice efforts. Or you may be part of an organization seeking to ensure that your work environment fully embraces the principles of racial equity and fairness. 

We can help you meet these goals.

Dialogs on Race is our self-paced, fully online course that will inspire you to take action. Is this course right for you? Learn more about it.